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School Services

Risk and Threat Assessment

DPC can help schools where no security plan exists by conducting a comprehensive risk and threat assessment. We can also help those schools that already have a plan who are in need of a periodic review or could benefit from a fresh perspective.

Our assessments cover physical security, staff & faculty awareness levels, policies and procedures, and violence prevention measures. Additionally, assessments consider human-caused events (such as active shooters) as well as natural disasters (such as violent storms).

Crisis & Emergency Planning

We employ planning techniques and tools based on national guidelines to assist schools in creating long-term, yet flexible security plans. Our mission is to help our clients gain a working knowledge of the crisis management process and apply it to their unique educational environment. This is accomplished through the development of a comprehensive plan as well as enhanced security policies and procedures.

Staff & Faculty Preparedness Training

Staff and faculty are at the center of any effective security plan. Training is critical in creating a security-minded culture. But how do they know what to do? What are their responsibilities? DPC can provide institution-specific training classes and workshops to give them the tools necessary to do their part in securing the educational environment.

Our training takes staff and faculty through the three phases of an event:

  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery

Each phase is critical to successfully surviving and recovering from an event.

Exercises & Drills

DPC offers tabletop exercises for administration and full-scale exercises for the entire school or organization. The purpose of any exercise is twofold. First, exercises ensure individuals understand roles assigned to them during a crisis. The dress rehearsal provides an opportunity to practice in a controlled environment. Second, weaknesses are more readily identified through exercises that may not necessarily be exposed in a written plan.

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